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me tue 1Welcome to the Christine McHugh website specialising in personalised name pictures and greeting cards.

So many wonderful occasions to share with family and friends.Within just two weeks we have joined in the celebrations of our friends’ grandchildren’s  Christening, we partied last Friday evening as we marked the 16th birthday of our gorgeous niece Molly, a terrific time had by all, and on Sunday we enjoyed more celebrations at the wedding of a dear friend’s daughter, a beautiful bride and a great effort made by everyone to make this a truly memorable occasion.

We also have an 80th birthday party to look forward to next Saturday, can’t wait!

I value and treasure these get-to-gethers so much , sharing time with family and friend and remembering those who have passed away, they are never forgotten and their names are always mentioned warmly in conversation as if  they’ve not gone at all but are simply sitting in another room talking to someone else or watching ‘the match’ on the TV.

So there are many times throughout the year we get together at special times and that is what this website is all: about celebration, marking the occasion and remembering.

Our special thanks to Paul Burnhill for creating this lovely website.

Enjoy browsing the site and feel free to add a comment or drop us a line.

All the best, Christine

6 thoughts on “Welcome to our new site!

  1. What a lovely website, so personal. I wish you all the best for a successful enterprise. Lots of love and best wishes.

  2. Hi Christine Nancy calling!!!!!

    Playing around with my laptop and who pops up but yourself . Good website ; lovely photograph.

    Hope you are all keeping well and partying as usual . My family wish Auntie Maisie lived over here , she would add a sparkle to their otherwise mundane lives !!!!! they actually thought it might be a good idea to go and live near her . She might have to move again!!

    I have been in contact with her recently , before Thomas got married , with the intention of calling to see her but as she had been in hospital and was looking forward to the wedding Idecided to leave my visit until after Christmas. hope to hear from you .

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